The Subject of Fees

State, local and tribal economies have been distressed recently, and we know that you are probably trying to stretch every dollar.  We, at Stetson Law Offices, P.C., want to offer you the best services available but know we cannot do that if we skimp on the quality of our services, staff, or technology.  We are not the “big box” of attorneys.  We do not try to be the least expensive law firm—we just try to give our clients exactly what they want as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

Billing and paying bills are not usually pleasant subjects for either attorneys or clients, but for us, a discussion about fees is key to a client’s trust and satisfaction.  We are mindful of concerns about billing and offer flexibility to any client interested in moving away from the traditional fee structure.  One of Stetson Law Offices, P.C.’s most valuable assets is our great amount of success and legal expertise, and presumably that is what we are hired for.  The more we know, the more efficiently we should be able to provide our legal expertise to you; yet hourly billing does not reward expertise or efficiency– in a way, it often encourages drudgery and is not necessarily indicative of the true value of our services to you.  While the majority of our clients still prefer this method to retainers or flat fees, you may wish to consider a monthly flat fee instead.  If this is something you are open to negotiate, we can meet and structure a billing plan based on our performance success and your budget and priorities, ending up with an arrangement that meets your needs in a way that suits you.

While we expect to be reimbursed for travel expenses, if any, we do not charge for routine overhead expenses such as faxes, routine copying, long distance calls, word processing, or clerical costs.  You hire us for our legal expertise, after all, and not for office work or overhead.