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Services Available
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Client Bill of Rights

Stetson Law Offices, P.C., strives to serve you both professionally and ethically. In doing so, we make the following commitments to our clients:

  1. We will represent your interests zealously and will use our resources carefully to try to achieve your goals.
  2. We will make a continuing effort to understand your business, customs, and expectations.
  3. We will hold strictly confidential all conversations and other communications with you, and all information that we receive from you during the course of our representation. We will not reveal your confidences or secrets without your consent.
  4. We will pursue your work conscientiously and without delay. We will work together to establish goals and deadlines that meet your needs. We welcome your suggestions and requests for information.
  5. We will treat you, and all with whom we deal in serving you, with courtesy and respect. Even in the face of irresponsible or unwarranted conduct on the part of others, we will make earnest efforts to maintain our professionalism.
  6. We will meet and communicate with you about the status of your work. Every effort will be made to return your telephone calls and e-mails on the day they are received. We will forward to you copies of all significant correspondence and other documents and will keep you informed of any important developments relating to your matters.
  7. We will charge you reasonable fees and will delegate work efficiently in order to control costs. We will provide timely statements that accurately and completely show what work we have performed and the cost of that work. If you have any questions about or problems with our services or fees, we will happily meet with you to discuss and resolve your concerns.


native american indian law

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